Companies and social networks.

In his paper “Losing face”, The economist state that undoubtedly prevention is better than cure. Firms have been using social networks such as MySpace and Facebook to increase their audience. On the other hand this networks also can be damaging for their image as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have discovered.

British Airways investigate some of his employees because they have described some passengers as “smelly and annoying” on internet forums.
Virgin, fired some of his cabin crew who had tell derogatory comments about its safety principles and passengers on forums. They joked about planes were infested with cockroaches and described clients with contemptuous “motes” as chavs.

Attack them online is a public relations disaster that question if the two enterprises have done enough to educate their staff about the use of internet.
Specialist said that anything you say on the internet is amplified by this networks.
Another lesson to learn is that managers need to monitor online activities to ensure that rules and principles are achieved and respected.

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