The article “Losing face”, written on November 6th 2008 from the Economist, deals with the problems two airline companies (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic) have had due to publications on social networks, written by their own crew.

It is explained in the article, how several people from the companies were fired as a consequence of their insulting comments on social networks, e.g. Facebook, directed at both the company and the customers.

Not only do these online critics, visible to many customers, build up a very bad picture of the company, but they also imply a low emphasis on staff education. Despite the fact that both companies had taken preventive measures to avoid this problem, such as their private blog where to express their concerns, or policies prohibiting online publications without a previous authorization, it is clear that these actions have to be strengthened and frequently reminded to the staff.

The article recommends managers to control online activity, as none of the two companies mentioned were able to spot the comments before it reached the customers, which makes it more difficult to solve the problem than if it had been noticed earlier.

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