This article, “Losing face”, published by “The Economist”, stands that despite the good efect that social networks have in marketing, they can also cause a huge impact damaging publicity when certain information is leaked. It focus the article in two companies, Brithish Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

On October, Virgin was very affected because of the comments posted on facebook by some of the crew offendig and insultating costumers, . They respond by firing all the workers who had anything to do with the statements issued in the internet, however, damage was already done.

Both companies comfirm to have either internal laws of public declarations about the firm or internal channels where workers can let of steam, but what is clear is that neither are effective. Comments are published everywhere in the net , moreover, this social networks make opinions known by users in a very fast and simple way.

Not only firms should make sure of the performance of internal laws, they should also keep searching comments in social networks to erradicate them as soon as possible to lower the impact on people.

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