In the article “Losing Face” published on Novemeber 6th, 2008 in The Economist, the author states the disadvantages of using social networks such as Facebook or MySpace to get to the public. These disadvantages came true when talking about two airlines: British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
On both cases, the crew of the airlines were posting derogatory comments on Facebook’s forums about the customers and the lack of security on the planes. British Airways have said that their employees have to sign a policy that forbids them on making these comments wherever but this shows clearly that companies have to educate their staff better in order to show them a good way of using the internet.
These airlines now have to try to mend the situation by monitoring online activity of their employees, by watching posts of opinions and gossips, to ensure that this situation doesn’t take place again an advice by Phil Gomes of Edelman, a Public Relations firm.

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