The article losing face published November 6th 2008, talks about the main advantages and disadvantages of using social networks by the companies. Some companies give them a correct use only as a marketing tool, however firms need to be in alert because it can seriously damage the brand name and can considerably pull back the image of the firm.

The article shows the negative side of networks with the help of 2 companies experiences (BA and Virgin Atlantic) both airlines were forced to fire employees when they found out that they had been attacking their customers, damaging the image of the firm in some social networks such as facebook and myspace.

The firms have been looking for the causes of this attacks, One of the two companies (Virgin Atlantic) states that it offers internal channel to vent frustrations , however it has not been effective enough.
“ Better to prevent than to cure” managers should pay more attention to online activities as well as spending more time on educating staff on a better use of the internet.

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