In the article “A Tale of Two Airlines and Their Facebook Fiascos”, The Economist exposes how social utility networks have proven to be not only potentially helpful marketing tools, but also a source of damaging publicity. Firms such as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic discovered the down side of social networks when their employees publicly posted on Facebook demeaning comments against their corresponding customers and firms. Online criticism to customers is counterproductive for the business they represent and show a lack of knowledge about the acceptable use of the Internet. The reason that this problem became widespread even when both companies had a policy against employee dissatisfaction was because none of their measures worked. Thus, to avoid this problem and carry out a productive and safe PR 2.0, communications specialists emphasize on the importance of online guidelines. In addition to this, managers ought to keep an eye on online activity to make certain that employees will abide by the rules. Preventing these situations, or stopping them early, will safe the business an important amount of damage.
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