It was stated in the paper ”Losing faith” published by The Economist on the 6th of Nov. 1998 that using social networks, such as Facebook or MySpace, in order to strengthen publicity, was a double edged sword for enterprises.
An unhappy fired employee could be quite damaging for a firm’s image. Virgin Atlantic discovered this issue when 13 members of its staff were dismissed. These former workers used Facebook to make their complaints about planes’ and customers’ hygiene known. In the same way, British Airways decided to investigate some of its workers for similar commentaries about passengers’ cleanliness.
What is true is that this type of actions is a PR suicide. Could both companies have done more in order to avoid this situation? BA, as well as VA, declared that they had their own policies for make this not happen. Nevertheless they were totally ineffective.
The lesson to be learned is that social networks are wide spread, making any comment be much more extended and, therefore, much more dangerous than before. Managers must keep track of their employees’ online activity so as not to be taken by these self-defeating posts. As the proverb says “Prevention is better than cure”.

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