One of the “four Ps” of the marketing mix is promotion. It´s main objective is to increase sales by getting people to know their product, creating a brandname. There are different ways of promoting, the most common ones are:
Advertising, is to transmit people a message ussing a major medium such as, televisión, radio, newspapers, Internet…to influence in the behaviour of the consumer. You can advertise any comercial product. Some of there advantages are that you can reach a lot of people, choose your medium and your target market, you can be persuasive. Its main disadavantage is that it doesn´t last very long is not always trusted and is expensive.
Another promotion tool is personal selling, is the most expensive one, is a direct contact between the company and the customer where you can create loyalty to your product or brand. A disadvantage is that you can´t reach a lot of people, is not aplicable to all products or it could be annoying.
Thirdly, sales promotions, to increase demand, it promotes consumism. They are very attractive to customers, but it reduces your prices, so if it lasts very long people could think its worst quality and it could damage your brand name. It is very common to see sales promotions in supermarkets, cars, clothing…
Finally, publicity that can have a huge impact on customers, is the cheapest promotion tool because you don´t have to pay for it, but you can´t control it, those are the differences with advertising. It is also more objective and it is usually more trusted than advertisement.
This are the four promotional tools, usually companies combine them to promote their products or services.

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