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Promotion is basic in a company performance, due to it success depends mainly on how well is done. That’s the reason why the four P’s of the marketing mix that stands for: product,price,place and promotion must be taken on account.
The aim is to promote the product in the most effective way, otherwise sales wont be as expected in any industry, no matter how impressive the product might be; it’s fundamental to study for whom is going to be focus the product, the main clients, “the target market” then perform a path to get to them trough advertisement, first letting them know about the existence and the benefits of the products and afterwards convincing them to buy it in stead of the similar ones (from the competence)
This could be achieved through TV, radio,billboards..etc. Depending on the product, a company will use a promotion toll like price reductions,discounts or free samples to incentive consumers or could focus on express the difference from the competitors,maybe due to the quality or technology of the product.

Public relations, is used to improve the image of the company, basically is publicity of the company’ product in any media that is not paid;is frequently used because is consider as more credible than advertising but it reaches a smaller target market.
Personal selling is really useful to ensure that the desire image is being developed in the consumer’s mind,is based in the concept of a more direct and influent way by selling the product straight to the costumers.

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