Companies have to develop good products or services, price them attractively at the lower price they can, and make them accessible to their target costumers. But this is not enough because they also have to use various promotional tools to generate sales. There are four types of promotional tools: sales promotions, public relations, personal selling, and the most important is advertising.

Advertising informs consumers about the existence and benefits of products and services, and attempts to persuade them to buy them. Advertisers should have clear if they want to report, convince or remember. An advantage of advertising is that they have a huge impact in people creating a very good image of whatever the advertisement is. A disadvantage is that they are very expensive and sometimes they want to cheat the buyers trying to convince them to buy. There are several forms of advertising such as billboards (posters), magazines, sponsorship (publicity for example in the race cars), classified ads, sandwichboard man, television and radio commercials. I think probably the best form of advertising is work-of-mouth advertising that is when people tell their friend about benefits of product and services.

Sales promotion objective is to stimulate consumers, the own company sellers … Are temporary tactics designed to stimulate either earlier or stronger sales of a product. One advantage is that more people are going to know your product so there are going to be more sales. A disadvantage is that you can lose money giving samples or whatever if you don´t do a good study about it. The most common is to give consumers free products, discounts, samples (be able to taste them before purchasing it)…

Public relation (PR) consist of establishing good relation with the diverse groups trying to create a favorable advertising and a good image of the company, trying to protect, maintain and improve the image of a company or a product. An advantage is that isn´t very expensive. A disadvantage is the difficulty of transmitting a good message that attach buyers. The most important element is publicity which is any mention of a company´s product that is not paid for, any medium read, viewed or heard by a company´s customer aimed at assisting sales.

Personal selling is the oral presentation in a conversation with one or come buyers which propose is to realize a sale, trying to convince them giving a very good advising. Is the most expensive promotional tool so it’s a disadvantage. An advantage is that there is a direct relation between the seller and the buyer. The vast majority of new products ideas come from customers via sales representative.

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