When any company decides to throw a new product to the market, it is necessary to make a good marketing campaign. The main promotional tools a company can use are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations.
Each one has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, I’m going to analyze the main characteristics of each tool.

Public relations is very useful in order to improve and promote at the same time the product and the company. The main characteristic of public relations is the publicity, that contrary to advertising promotes the product without paying for it. But on the other side, to obtain a really effective promotional campaign the company has to invest on creativity in order to invent stories and create event for the product.

Sales promotions is not a very expensive tool for the company, and has a great impact on consumers. It is based on giving free samples, or pack offers together with the product, but the main problem is that must be temporary. If a company maintains along the life cycle of the product the campaign will no longer have effect.

Personal selling is the most expensive promotional tools, but consequently one of the most effective. It is based in the direct relation between the seller and the customer, an effective way to give the client a direct channel of information with the company.

Finally, advertising is the most common marketing tool used by companies. It is the easiest way to get in touch with a big percentage of the population, and therefore allow the company a big target market. However, if any enterprise wants to achieve a great public awareness is a very expensive way.

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