Promotion is defined as the publicization of a product, organization, or ventures so as to increase sales or public awareness. It is as crucial as it is when starting up a company or when a matured one launches a new product to the market or even when you want to obtain brand loyalty. Due to the economic crisis, firms do not have enough funds to spend on advertising so here are some low budgeted methods to promoting a company.
One of the most common ways used to promote a company is through publicity; This method has one big advantage which is that is has no cost to the company; Positive publicity translates into more customers and increase sales However, one can not control whether it is positive or negative publicity making a big disadvantage.
An other technique is by giving out freebies. This is a very successful way because people love to receive things for free, and it commonly does not create a big expense for the company. It is also very appreciated by the customer.
Other accessible way to reach out to the market is by finding local TV or radio stations that are looking to have guests on their programs. Finding out who the host might be could be a little hard, thus making it a disadvantage, but once its found one can convince them to share their expertise on particular topic.
Lastly, using vehicles with the name of your firm, contact information decorating the windows or doors could be a great way to promoting. Think of how many people see your car driving around, especially if they get stuck in traffic jams. This method has the advantage of being cheap, but really time consuming.

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