The promotion of a company’s product or brand implies that in order to make the product/brand be known by the target customer the firm will have to use different promotional tools: Advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.

Advertising is the way of making the customers know about the firm or its product and trying to persuade them to buy it. When you advertise, you have a great number of advertising mediums such as newspapers or television. However different ways of advisement also means different possible results (by placing ads only in magazines you wont reach all customers) and advertisement is an expensive way of promotion that if its used excessively it can produce contradictory results.

Sales promotions are tactics that firms use to increase sales of determined products for various reasons. The seller will use different tactics such as price reductions or coupons in order to increase sales. The reason is that products that are on the initial or maturity stage will obtain sales that normally they wouldn’t make by their own. However these tactics are only temporary, which means that after the promotion period is finished, customers might find that the product is no longer attractive for them.

Public relations(PR) uses different methods to improve the company’s/product’s image or prestige through out the customers. The most common way is through publicity, which is similar to adverting but that the company doesn’t pay for it. Therefore it’s a type of promotion that is more credible and cheaper than advertising but losing control over what people say about it.

Personal selling is a way of promoting the product that implies direct relationship between the seller and the customer. Personal selling supposes a high cost compared to other tools but it also has a great persuasive power and it can build a relationship between customers and the firm.

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