A product has to be well -known, in order to be sold. A product will not be sold, unless there are promotional tools by which the product can be introduced to the potential customers. Amongst these promotional tools, I am going to briefly describe the four main ones: Sales promotions, Personal selling, Advertising, and Public relations.

Sales promotions are created to increase sales in times when they are decreasing. Companies tend to use imagination and a variety of ways to approach the customer. The most common sales promotions might be price reductions, or the distribution of free samples. The main advantage of these promotions is that it’s very easy for the customer to get to know the product which is offered for free. The main disadvantage for this type of marketing is the large amount of time that needs to be dedicated to the product and the high cost.

Personal selling is one of the most expensive ways of promoting a product, because it involves a staff member establishing a conversation directly with one potential customer. This type of promotion is very much customer-oriented, since the employee will solve any doubts or problems instantly.

Advertising is another way of informing a potential customer about the product you have launched to the market. The channels through which the company can transmit the information on the product can vary. It can go from advertisements in newspapers, to television ads. The prices of the advertisements depend on the channel it’s being advertised on. Emails, mail and road posters for example, tend to be cheaper than television ads. Advertising can sometimes irritate the customers if they are too persistent and aggressive.

Public Relations´ goal is to maintain the protection and specially the image of the company. If the image of the company is disrupted by some sort of event, it is very difficult to gain the loyalty back from the customers. For this reason large efforts are put into this area. The main advantage of this area is that it does not require direct payments such as advertisements. Public Relations tend to have a greater impact on the potential buyers than advertisements.

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