A company has four main ways to promote itself: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations. Individually, all of them have different carasteristics as follows.

Advertising is used to inform the consumer of the product and its caracteristics. It tries to persuade people to buy the product through attractive advertises in the mass media or public places. Its main advantage is that it reaches a lot of people and one of its disadvantages is that it is expensive.

Sales promotion consists on various strategies to increase consumer demand. It normally includes offers related to the selling price, gifts, etc. One of its advantages is that it improves consumers fidelity but a disadvantage is that it can also be expensive if done for long terms.

Personal Selling is a direct talk between the seller and the consumer in order to influence this person to buy the product sold by the company. Its main advantage is that it can reach the target market easily but the disadvantage is that it involves a lot of work which, at last , can also end up in high costs.

Public Relations is the amount of activities developed by a company in order to build and maintain an effective social communication with the consumers. It is the political part of a firm and it is very important for consumer behaviour. Its advantages and disadvantages depend on the kind of firm being studied.

All these tools are essencial for the wellness of a company. If any of them does not work propertly, a company could loose clients and, in addition, money.

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