Marketers and companies can use several promotional methods to communicate with individuals, groups and organizations. The methods that are combined to promote a particular product make up the promotion mix for the item. Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations are the four major elements in an organization´s promotion mix. While it is possible that one ingredient may be used, it is likely that two, three, or four of these ingredients will be used in a promotion mix depending on te type of product and target market involved.
Advertising is a paid nonpersonal message communicated to a select audience through a mass medium. Advertising is flexible enough that it can reach a very large target group or a small, carefully chosen one.
Personal selling is personal communication aimed at informing customers and persuading them to buy a firm´s product. It is more expensive to reach a customer through personal selling that through advertising, but this method provides immediate feedback and often is more persuasive than advertising.
Sales promotion is the useof activities or materials as direct inducements to customers or salespersons. It adds extra value to the product or increases the customer´s incentive to buy the product.
Public relations is a broad set of communication activities used to cerate and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and various public groups, both internal and external. There are a variety of public relations activities that can be very effective such as publicity, news releases or feature articles.

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