Producers give a lot of importance to the Four P´s, which are price, place, product and promotion. This last one is the one that we are going to give importance to today and in which we are going to go into.
A company can distribute the promotion tools as they prefer so as to try to obtain a higher profit. The four promotion tools or promotional mix are: advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations.

ADVERTISEMENT: is a paid form of non-personal communication about an organization and its products that is transmitted to the people through a mass medium. On the one hand this promotion tool is one of the fastest ways of getting to know around the possible consumers and probably one of the most effective; on the other hand, in most cases it can be very expensive to advertise your products.

SALES PROMOTION: it is any activity that acts as a direct inducement, offering added value or incentive to buy the product to anyone that would like to acquire the product. Sales promotion can give a lot of opportunities to the company that applies this tool, not only because they get to know also because they can achieve a lot of information of what do people prefer. Nevertheless if your do not use it in an adequate way you can depreciate the brand name.

PERSONAL SELLING: selling that involves informing customers and persuading them to purchase products through personal communication. Some advantages of this tool can be that any questions that the costumer has about the product can be solved instantly. Although, it can some times be a little expensive.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: is responsible of maintaining and if it is possible improving the brand name. It is quite difficult to use public relations in a very profitable way, because not everyone has the correct relations, but if you can is definitely one of the most useful promotion tools.

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