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When a company launches a product, there are certain methods they use to make their product known and be able to reach their target customers. To achieve this, they help themselves by using four methods that are integrated in the marketing mix that we call the “4Ps”. These are advertising, personal selling, public relationships and sales promotion. They all have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advertising can used to advertise any commercial product and it’s defined as the communication of information through the media. This method is very common amongst companies in order to persuade its customers because it’s certainly the most effective due to its wide reach. However, it is very expensive and because it is very impersonal, customers not always trust it.

Personal selling is a very influential tool because it transmits confidence to the customer and it even manages to create a fidelity relationship between the company and the customer. By contrast, this method is also very expensive and doesn’t always have a wide reach. In extreme cases, it can be annoying for the customers.

Speaking about public relationships, we must stand out publicity. This is a non paid form of announcing and advertising a product. Although it’s cheaper and trustful, you may not always control the information in it or the target market it will be reaching, so when it comes to negative publicity; your company’s image may be damaged.

To end up, we have sales promotion. This is a very efficient tactic to attract customer’s attention by giving out free samples, make price reductions, etc. This tool promotes consumption by stimulating sales but only in the short term. Firstly, if companies maintain these low prices their revenue might be affected and secondly, their product’s image can portrayed as low quality and may damage the companies reputations.

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