When a company wants to do a promotion of any kind of product, first of all they have to do an intensive study of the market were they operate; market target, competitors. This is why they have to take into account the “four Ps” as we know they are (product, place, promotion and price).
The most important promotion tool for a company is advertising. Advertising is used during the introduction of the product in the market and it has to give clear information of the products to the clients, in a short time it has to persuade the clients to buy the product. There are different types of advertisement such ass: word-to-mouth, billboards, sponsors, TV, sandwich board man, radio. Companies would have to decide which one to use.
There are other types of promotion tool such as price reductions which attract the costumers and incentives them to buy the product, buy two and get one free(these types of promotions are used by supermarkets such as Carrefour), coupons or free examples(many cosmetic companies use this type of promotion).
To conclude companies use their employees to do personal selling of the company in order to complement advertising. The idea is to talk and give information about the product that you are selling. Personal selling is the most effective promotional tool, the problem is that is expensive.

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