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Businesses can promote themselves in four ways. One way is through advertising, another one is by public relations and personal selling and finally sales promotion.
Companies have to decide which one of those four they want to use as budgets are limited. Some firms do the four of them but in different degrees.

Advertising: The advantages of advertising are that they have a huge impact on people’s awareness, so the message can reach many people and they are creating an image that people will judge. The disadvantages of advertising are that they are usually very expensive and the message has to be short and direct. Moreover, people usually don’t believe what they are told in the advertisement.

Sales promotion: It is used as a marketing tactic to attract people and let them try the new product the company is launching. This is commonly used in supermarkets. As well, companies used them to get rid of products which have not been sold. Price reduction or samples are examples of promotion. The disadvantage is that you lose money when giving samples or when you reduce price. The advantages are that people get to know your products, you are more competitive and you increase sales.

Personal selling: When employees help customers how to make the right choice, giving them information about products and services offered and trying to convince customers to buy a product. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive and you can’t control the information that sellers say. The advantage is that you have a direct contact with your customers.

Public relations: It concerns with maintaining, improving or protecting the image of a company or product. The advantages are that the company improves its image; it is not very expensive and reaches many people. The disadvantage is that needs coordination to send the same message.

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