Promotion is considered one of the 4P's included in the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). This ā€œPā€ is in charge of offering information about a product of a company. Promotion has different elements such as:

1. Advertising: is used to communicate to potential costumers and try to persuade and attract them to consume a product. But the main point of advertising is triying to get to all the possible consumers by creating a positive image of the product. Another point to take into account is that advertising through the media is in fact, really expensive.

2.Sales promotion: is a common strategy taken by companies in order to promote sales of either a new product or a product that wants to increase sales this tactics are: gifts, coupons, free samples, discounts, etc. This helps the company to get more costumers because the have already tried the product. But in the other hand, the sales promotion has to be done in a short term because is expensive as well.

3.Personal selling: is the most effective way to get closer to costumers by selling the product to them directly. Is a good way to give potential customers all the information and opinion about the product. But as any promotion is expensive and also you have to trust the personal sellers because they are giving the information and opinion of the product.

4.Public relations: is known as the information of a company shared with the public. It helps the company to defend and beat their image. Is a good way to promote because is cheap, in fact, some companies exploit public relations when there is any problem in the company. The unique disadvantage is that the message to send to the public needs to be clear and direct in order to not have any doubts or concerns about the image of the company.

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