Companies spend an important quantity of money and time in order to create brand awareness, basically trough marketing, and promotion is one of the "Ps" formulation of the marketing mix.
In addition, it is essential to promote sales, and companies use the main promotional tools(advertising, public relations,sales promotion and personal selling) in order to achieve it.

The main goal of advertising is to inform customers about the main characteristics and features of the new product and persuading them to buy it. The main advantages of advertising are that it is a direct way of reaching customers and it is easy to control,although it is expensive and it can be annoying. There are different types of advertising, such as word-of-mouth, this is, what customers think and say about the company, television commercials or sponsorships.

Secondly, sales promotion consists on different strategies to encourage sales. They are temporary tactics to stimulate sales in the future, such as free samples, coupon bonds or discounts. It is a good way of attracting potential customers, but it is not always effective and profitable.

Public relation mainly focuses on creating a good image of the product among customers.The most important element of public relations is publicity, which is any non paid mention of a company┬┤s product in any media. The main advantage is that it is a very cheap way of reaching customers, although it is not easy to control, so it can also damage the image of the company.

Finally, personal selling is the most influential promotional tool. This is because it is the main form of communication between customer and producer, and companies can benefit of it by creating confidence with customers. The main disadvantages are that it is very expensive and it can become annoying for customers.

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