The text is from and talks about the importance of shares and stocks. This document has an introduction and is divided in 5 parts.
In the first part talks about the assets owned by the company which consists in "cash-in-hand, property (land, buildings, fittings)". In the next part talks about the nominal value of the stocks and how their value originally represented the asset value of the company,also mentions the existence of some non-voting shares for certain companies. The next section is The Dividend and its Cover. In this part we must highlihgt that not all profits are for dividends, because ther is lef some of the profit for the own company profit and to maintain the payment of the dividends if the company is loosing money.Finally,P/E Ratio and the Yield. In the firs part, they talk of the P/E Ratio,when the earnings are divided by the number of shares of the company and hihglight the information from the Financial Times that the P/E ratio is:
Great Universal P/E = 13.7

In the last part,The Yield (which "is typically expressed as a net percentage (ie after income tax) of the current share price"),talks of the yield as an another measure of the company value and talks about "safe investing" (with low risk)

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