According to the website, a share gives the ability to a stockholder to not only be able to obtain a part of a firm dividends but also a percentage on the assets, or the allowance to attend the annual general meeting.
As claimed in the article there are five ways to measure a company’s performance; one can through the measurements of a firm assets which are constituted by the cash-in-hand, number of properties, the company’s stock of raw material and the work in hand subtracting the financial liabilities. Other way is through the nominal share value, which reflects the asset value of the company. Once these shares are launched to the market, they represent the value of the company’s assets as well as the capacity to generate capital of the firm. They are also called equity or stock. In addition, there is another type of share where the stockholder has no right to decide which tactics the firm should adopt. However, this type of stock is becoming less popular because investors dislike the lack of rights even though they are traded at a lower price.
According to the article “ The dividend of a company is the proportion of its profits paid to its owners, the shareholders”. Nonetheless, a company can reinvest its profits on the firm to grow internally, share dividends to its shareholders or to a certain extent do both. Also by knowing how much revenue is obtained yearly per share at the present price one can discover how much is needed to pay for the share.
Lastly the yield, which is commonly expressed as a percentage of current share price. The yield is usually smaller than the interest rate that bonds safely return, however investors occasionally are willing to take higher risks to aiming for higher returns on their investment.

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