1.The website adress is , i found it using google . I looked for uk sites because i found that they use internet more than we do, so i thought i was going to go through a large variety of websites.

2.About the target audience, the website is meant for anyone who is able to use internet, that is almost everybody, as it advertises anything you would like to buy or sell.

3.Not only people can inform about anything, they can also interrupt adding their own ads, news, offers, whatever… So it is a B2B (Business to Business) website, because it contacts Business with other Business.

4.You'll find everything from jobs, new and used cars, kittens for sale, dogs and puppies, flats to rent, second hand bargains and much more…

5.First of all, free ads uk is the world´s first all-in-one web free ad portal, so they were the ones who first got the idea. I find very interesting the fact that it is free, because in most advertising websites you have to pay to log in, actualy, in this website, you don´t need to register to upload your ads or to categorise them or even to vote in the ranking. This is another great feature that i found in the site, ads are classified into different categories and you can vote the one you like the most, the ads which have the best positions in the ranking will appear more in the search results.
What i like the most in this website is that they treat ads not only as a way of getting a product known by people, they also treat them as a kind of art, exposing them to valuation.

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