Summary 676 1/03/09

The site is aimed to automobile customers, it´s aim is to attract customers with marketing messages.
The site works as a continual advertisement , it is clear what it is being sold(cars).
The brand name appears on every corner of the site.
The price of the cheapest model is underlined at the home page. The site is a constant persuation , it appeals to your thoughts with sentences such as ¿ are you as everyone? It makes you want to distinguish from the rest, it wants to create an image of a new car concept for a new modern city life.
It reminds you of the attractiveness of its low consumption.

The structure of the site is intuitive , simple and logic.
Images are quick and interactive :the customer can play a video of the brands tv commercial in which the music plays a very important part, it may as well view the car´s inside.
The purpose is to drive the customer to a site where visitors enjoy being at .
The profitability of e-commerce is high , this is because in contrast to conventional forms, the viewer has actually chosen to see the commercial.

What surprise me the most is the dynamic and movement of the site, the interaction with the customer, and how an advertisement meant for the whole can at the same time be target directly to each individual, solving every question about Toyota cars.


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