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The article “Losing Face” published in the Economist on November 6th 2008, talks about companies that uses social networks in order to reach a greater audience, introducing publicity in these type of networks as is cheaper. They use Facebook or MySpace as they are the most popular networks.
The problem that companies may find using these kind of networks, is the bad publicity that their own employees may give about them, as it happens in the cases of the British Airways and Virgin Atlantic when members crew started to describe clients in a nasty way and criticizing their clients. The result of these was the fire of some members of the crew for the Virgin case and an internal investigation for the British Airways case.
Using a social network can be a fantastic idea for a company to improve their public relations, but it can also be a disaster.
In conclusion employees should be more careful and educated so that they affect the company image in a positive way and employers should educate their employees so that they give a good critic of the company they represent.

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